Roompi helps lonely people find a community with text & voice, eliminating loneliness by bringing people together virtually.

We bring the emotional sense of belonging within a community without people needing to meet physically. We make it easy for people to find a community through their own hobbies or interests and join without fear of being judged nor require the need for another members’ vouch. Our app does this privately and securely without requiring name / picture.

Our vision is for Indonesia, and eventually the world, to be connected through their shared interests easily, with privacy in mind.

Ever felt like you want to discuss an interest of yours, but you don’t know who to talk to for fear of being judged, and your closest friends don’t share your interest? Here’s a solution: Find & talk to strangers with the same interest!

As technology becomes more advanced, younger generations are in fact getting lonelier. This is partly due to the advancements in tech – with 24/7 entertainment readily available on devices we carry everywhere, causing us to interact less with others, therefore dampening our social skills. Our society has become one that measures another human being by metrics: how many followers, likers, number of friends, subscribers, viewers, reach. Real meaningful relationships are becoming rare, and sometimes even one’s closest friends don’t share the same interests.

We are tackling this social problem by first looking at the past, solutions that actually provide meaningful ways to foster new relationships through shared interests. We’ve gathered that back then forums and internet chats or messenger were the two platform that actually bring people together and often times resulted in a sense of belonging for someone, an online circle one can rely on, a proud member of a community.

Our sole focus is to foster the growth of communities from common interests.

We want to help lonely people easily find a community which they can feel at-home with. We took the concepts of old tech and catered it to the young people in today’s society. Our app provides the ability for our users to instantly find a topic they’re interested about, and connect with other members with the same interest either through text/voice chat.

We are a young tech startup based in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Would you like to work with us? See our job openings here. We are always open to hear business ideas and opportunities, please shoot us an email at We read all emails that come through!