ngeRoompi When Locked Down

We hope everyone is staying healthy and distancing yourselves from others. As we enter the month of May, we have invited three online personalities that come from different walks of life. They will be welcoming Roompi users for the month ahead, and you are able to directly chat and interact with them.


Primarily a Youtuber with 50,000 subscribers, Rahil has been studying in South Korea and vlogging about her life in the country that exports Kpop. Users have not been shy to ask her questions about her situation, especially due to the COVID-19 situation, as well as casually chatting about the latest news surrounding Korean TV series. Click her to join in the drama.


Rina Rstn
A barista by day at a local minimarket, Rina is what we consider a celebgram. With almost 200,000 followers, Rina has a devout following for doing TikTok dance moves while on the job. At only 19 years of age, she is opening up about her life in her official chat room. Want to ask Rina her favorite coffee?


Freelance Caster, MC, and Gamer / Streamer, Karen has amassed 100,000 followers on her Instagram page. Better known as a PUBG Mobile gamer and an eSports enthusiast, she has joined Roompi to welcome gamers alike, discussing a wide range of topics surrounding the Indonesian gaming industry. You might get to play with her if you ask.


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